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We use polycarbonate material that’s especially suitable for roller shutters. Like glass, it’s transparent, but unlike glass, it’s very hard to break.
Transparent roller doors

Transparent roller shutters combine high visibility with exceptional strength.

Our transparent roller shutters are of a special design with reinforced steel rods between the panels. The design and materials make our rolling shutters extremely strong and resistant to forced entry.

  • 90% Transparency.Highest of any roller shutter
  • Strong as Steel. Comparable to 20 gauge steel shutter
  • Won’t scratch, crack or break under normal use
  • Retains its clear transparency for many years
  • Virtually silent in operation
  • Self-supporting – no structural work needed
  • Green credentials – 100% recyclable
  • ideal for shipping malls

The combination of high visibility with exceptional strength make our polycarbonate shutters ideal for shops that want to keep valuable goods on display, such as jewellers. Also, these shutters are a good choice for premises that require a higher level of security, for example,banks,Shopping Malls,Car Showrooms,Supermarkets,etc

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Roller shutters are the most practical way to secure residential and commercial buildings. In addition, a roller shutter can be installed on any existing window or door.
More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits a roller shutter has to offer. Fully rolled down, a shutter not only protects against natural disasters, but protects against burglars and intruders, lowers energy costs, reduces outside noise levels and gives greater privacy. Made from Aluminum or Steel, the shutter rides in tracks mounted on the side of the window. The shutter can be raised or lowered either manually, by pull strap or a gear/crank handle, or electronically.

Roller shutter windows and doors

To provide you with perfect security, we’ve developed a range of roller shutters that will suit any business’ needs. From insulated shutters and heavy-duty industrial shutters to the unbeatable security of our commercial shutters, we’ve got the right product for your business.

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Every business has its own shutter requirements, and we know that you may not be clear on which roller shutter are most suitable for your needs. That’s why we’re pleasue to offer you a no-obligation consultation. Our experts will discuss your business and premises with you, helping you to choose the right roller shutters.

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